Changing Spaces


It is the spaces in between the images that is the work. The moments you experience in the transition from one image to the next. A meditation into the abstraction of the female form you discover an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of the work. 


This work was one of three artworks relating to the same concept. This element of the installation was exhibited in a small intimate space in the gallery, the concept highlighted the use of "photographs as an experience". Made from a series of over 250 digital photographs the work conveys the conceptual nature of digital photographic media and whilst traditional views of the photographic image speak to the past, this work connects us with the present moment as we become immersed in the installation. Conceptually linked, these different related works on display throughout the gallery on the night of the exhibition demonstrate changing, creative spaces and 'experiences' into how we view images in a digital reality. These works challenged the public’s perceptions, their levels of understanding of concepts and ultimately how they might see and experience the photographic image itself.

Photography and video by Karen Mayo

© Karen Mayo Photographer


Sound Track

"Moths Dissolving" by Snawklor (

Below Image

Changing Spaces 2021

series of large-format photographic images created to support the video work above. These were printed on high-quality fine art matt paper and mounted on foam core ready to hang in a space with the video artwork above.

Changing Spaces Series